50 lei on the first day of parking, and 9 lei each day

Each day of parking is paid in full regardless of how many hours the car is stationed (parking rate is not fractional)

*The clients who will come at the parking place and will not have a booking made prior to arrival will pay the following prices: 60 RON/first day and 10 RON for each day of stay.

Number of daysRelated price
1 Day40 Lei
2 Days45,958 Lei
3 Days51,90 Lei
4 Days57,85 Lei
5 Days63,80 Lei
6 Days69,75 Lei
7 Days75,70 Lei
8 Days81,65 Lei
9 Days87,60 Lei
10 Days93,55 Lei
11 Days99,50 Lei
12 Days105,45 Lei
13 Days111,40 Lei
14 Days117,35 Lei
15 Days123,30 Lei
16 Days129,25 Lei
17 Days135,20 Lei
18 Days141,15 Lei
19 Days147,10 Lei
20 Days153,05 Lei
21 Days159 Lei
22 Days164,95 Lei
23 Days170,90 Lei
24 Days176,85 Lei
25 Days182,80 Lei
26 Days188,75 Lei
27 Days194,70 Lei
28 Days200,65 Lei
29 Days206,60 Lei
30 Days212,55 Lei
31 Days218,50 Lei

What recommend us?

  • We have the best guard services in the area! We offer unlimited parking at the same fixed price!
  • In addition to quality services, we also have top prices! The first day of parking costs only 50 lei, and for each new day you will pay 9 lei!
  • Save time and money, as we are providing transport to and from the airport! The service is free for all our customers!
  • We offer efficient booking methods! You have an Online Booking Form, very fast and easy to complete!
  • We are available non-stop, both online and on the phone number (+40) 722 582 215! We have a total of 250 parking spaces!
  • We watch and watch video 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Your car will be safe for us!

Quality service and security! Parking just 3 minutes away from Otopeni Airport!